There are many who have. Loans for more than USD 65.5 billion have been raised in the four large mortgage banks in 2.5% in 2047.

If you change now, you will not simply receive a lower interest rate. You can also get a significantly lower contribution rate and a great opportunity to reduce debt if interest rates subsequently rise.

We will show this by an example


On 1 January 2015, a loan of 3 million was raised, with a contribution rate of 1.007%, which is the applicable rate for 80% mortgage in one of the mortgage lenders.

That loan can now be converted to 1.5% at rate 98.1 and you can get interest-free by using the Real Council model.
As a result, the contribution rate can come down to 0.59% after TotalUSDedit’s customers and maybe even further down if the property value has increased since you established the 2.5% loan.

Your total interest and contribution savings of 5 years 

The conversion to 1.5% means that the net benefit decreases by approx. 2,300 USD per month, and if you follow our recommendation and use the savings for installments, after 5 years you will owe approx. USD 41,000 less, although there are both cost losses and costs associated with the restructuring. Your total interest and contribution savings of 5 years total approx. 97,000 USD.

But that is not the only advantage


If, for example, the interest rate. 2 years has risen to 3%, a new 1.5% can be redeemed at a significantly lower rate than the current 2.5% loan.

We estimate that the course will be approx. 88 instead of rate 100, which we believe will be the rate on your current 2.5% loan. We estimate that a conversion from 1.5% to 3% after 2 years will mean that the debt will be $ 2,734,000 instead of $ 3,000,000 on your current 2.5% loan.

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