Where is it worth keeping our money in the coming years if you want to be safe and always get a good return? Those who are about to commit their money are most afraid of what will happen if interest rates soar. We looked at which of the Long Term Investment Accounts that offer tax benefits are offering a decent return right now and which would keep up with rising interest rates.

Percent interest tax


Government securities already contain inflation-tracking products, which, in any event, changes the market environment at an acceptable rate of return. But do deposits know this, or is the interest always carved in stone? This is especially important because many people would like to commit their money for a longer period of time to get away with the 6 percent EHO and the 16 percent interest tax.

Tax-free savings

However, among the tax-free savings at most banks, we found only fixed products, with two exceptions among the best.

It is Good Finance’s product that pays a really high yield, and there is no account management fee at the credit institution. And the interest rate always changes with the current central bank base rate. If it increases by one percentage point, the yield on our deposit will also increase by the same percentage.

Of the larger banks, Erste offers the best, but ABC also pays over 4 percent. As long-term Investment Accounts are not subject to tax on any deposit, the maximum yield over a 5-year period on a 3 million HUF deposit is 712,500 HUF.

Financial institutions

Financial institutions

Those who are planning for the long term may also welcome a legislative change. In the case of contracts concluded after 1 January, the account and the money on it may be freely transferred between financial institutions. All you have to do when opening an account is whether you want a deposit or securities account. Because there is still no passage between the two during the bookings.

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