An unexpected bill comes fluttering into the house, you want to fulfill a wish and the money in the checking account is not enough. Customers who do not use the overdrafts provided by the banks are well advised. Some banks charge interest of up to 15% or more for overdrafting the account.

It is much cheaper to apply for a small loan from the bank. Depending on the bank, amounts between 500 and 5,000 USD can be requested. Because of the comparatively low loan amount, the bank also demands low interest rates for a small loan. As a rule, between two and seven percent interest is charged, depending on the credit rating. In addition, small loans are not earmarked, the loan seeker can use the loan amount freely. For redeeming a overdraft facility, for debt restructuring or for new furniture.

A small loan can also be given to consumers who have already taken out a loan and calculated it too tightly. A small loan can bridge this, provided the creditworthiness is sufficient. With every loan application, the bank makes a Credit Bureau query and requests proof of income. If Credit Bureau presents itself with an entry, many banks refrain from lending, the default risk seems too high to them, even with a small loan. This is where the Credit Bureau-free loans come in handy. So there can be a small loan without Credit Bureau, you just have to know the right ways and we want to show them.

The small loan without Credit Bureau

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An entry in the Credit Bureau is often the reason for a loan. What is Credit Bureau and why is it so important? The protection association for general credit protection, Credit Bureau, has stored all data of consumers who use a loan, who pay department store bills, have cell phone contracts, but also affidavits (disclosure oath) and bankruptcies are noted in the Credit Bureau. The entire payment behavior of a consumer is stored in the Credit Bureau. If there are payment problems, canceled loans, there is a negative entry.

From these entries, the score value is calculated, which is significantly involved in lending. If the value is 100, the credit rating is excellent, the lower it is, the poorer the credit rating. Credit Bureau’s contractual partners, such as banks, companies and service providers, provide Credit Bureau information before each loan request. The information that Credit Bureau provides is binding for its partners. Negative entries can be deleted again, but years pass. During this time, a consumer cannot get a normal loan because his credit rating is poor. The financial market has responded to these growing problems and is offering Credit Bureau-free loans. A small loan without Credit Bureau can therefore be fulfilled.

The Swiss loan

The Swiss loan

Advertising on the Internet and in the media comes from various credit intermediaries. These financial service providers mediate a small loan without Credit Bureau and with loans from Switzerland. Colloquially, these loans are called Swiss loans. This form of credit can only be obtained through credit agencies. However, it must be said that these loans are also checked for creditworthiness. However, there is no entry in the Credit Bureau and it is not queried either. The creditworthiness relates to the income, which must be sufficiently high and is received regularly.

There must be a permanent employment contract that has existed for at least one year and the applicant must be 18 years old. If you opt for a small loan without Credit Bureau through a credit broker, you should keep your eyes open. There are also serious sheep brokers who also have black sheep who can pay for something they have not done. For example, advance fees are not permitted, not even dubious insurance contracts, on which some credit intermediaries make the loan commitment dependent.

If the loan seeker accepts these circumstances, they will not see their money again and will not receive a loan. This is then usually rejected with flimsy reasons. A reputable credit broker will only charge its fees after the loan approval and will also disclose all credit details. From the loan amount to the term to the interest rate and the installment amount.

Don’t take out a loan lightly


It must be clear to the loan seeker that small loans without Credit Bureau are more expensive than a conventional one. But those who urgently need money also pay this higher interest rate, according to the general survey. The loan seeker should assume that a small loan without Credit Bureau can only ever be a temporary solution. Those who have the opportunity to get a loan from a normal bank should prefer this.

It’s easy to borrow money, but paying in installments is often difficult, even with a small loan. Therefore, a secure source of income should be the be-all and end-all when applying for a loan. But other forms of collateral that are often available, such as rental income or pension income, also count as safe income. If you act deliberately and compare your expenses with the income and this results in a surplus, you can confidently take out a small loan without Credit Bureau.

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